Monday, May 31, 2010

apple...yeh ftw

So I bought an Ipod after well years of NOT for the main fact that I dislike apple and usually get pretty pissy when I Have to use anything that has to do with it. HOWEVER, my sad little dinky mp3 player was not cutting it and I wanted one that could hold OODLES so yeh I gave in. Plus where I bought it from had a sale/combo thing so I could use it with my car. SO YEh.

NOW what I did not know when I bought it was that I could make videos. SO when I found that out I was wowed and thrilled since neither one of my cameras can make a video, because they lack the time, unless i was to buy an SD card, which yeh one day I will but anyhow. SO again I was like yay I can make the video I want to make.

UM so 5 hours later from making the video...downloading about 5 different non itunes programs because YOU CAN NOT get your video off of your ipod with itunes (cough hate apple) SO yes it took me a lot of programs before one would REALLY DO IT! SO then I got it and wanted to fix the color because I did not have enough light! WELLL can not do that with any of the programs I do have, I have quicktime but it is not I freaking bought pro, it was not too expensive so I was ok with that. SIMPLE I am thinking this will be. (with apple yeh right)

So I touched it up and saved it and tried to upload it to youtube and what do they tell me, I can not because I have to change certain thing. So after much googling and trying to get exporting videos right I THINK I figured it out!!!!!!!! haha NO because it would not export it just got stuck at 27% well wtf that was an hour or so wasted trying to get it to work and fiddling with settings still no workie so ffs.

SO I finally googled some more lol (god bless google I guess) I found some this and that info about stuff that I can by no way explain to you lol SO I fiddled with settings some more. CHANGED the settings from HD (high definition, ffs who cares its youtube and me) and I GOT IT TO EXPORT....and some how unclicked the sound setting SO I HAD NO sound lol (yeh that was me, not apple but still I will blame apple right now!!) SO I tried it again and it worked and I am right now watching the video again and wanting to upload it to you guys too and wondering how that will go! lol SO let us hope I can get it onto youtube and here. sheesh

bless me!!!


  1. I was thinking you could just use iMovie and then I realized you don't have an Apple computer. I'm sorry you had to go to all of this hassle.

    Apple pretty much has it that you have to use their software. Microsoft is just as bad in using their stuff as well. It just sucks for the rest of us when we need software to run things.

    I do love my Apple computer, iPad, and iPod as Microsoft just has too many virus issues. Good luck with your iPod though. It's perfect for music.

  2. lol Bethany..yeh I have lots of apple lover friends. I do get it. Yeh it is mostly how uch stuff you have to use to do one thing I guess. Yeh Microsoft is indeed no better and I would be biased since I grew up with them, so normally I do way better software and hardware for pcs. :) Learn as we go indeed! :D

    Yes perfect for my music lol :D And the video is sort of ok lol