Monday, May 24, 2010

I have never claimed to be an artist although here in my 30's I am starting to believe I really am. A new one I am sure, I have indeed so much to learn! Anyway. I have been journaling since I can remember, since I always knew I would be a writer, how time changes things, lol. Still a writer indeed but yeh. :P But I never thought of myself as an "artists" so I never really did more than just journal my feelings in a simple composition notebook, line by line. However, I have always drooled over those art journals with all the visual aspects and how talented people are with there drawing abilities, which I lack (did I mention my brother is an amazing artist, as in pen and ink, paint etc, e me i Just have a sewing machine right? lol) SO needless to say eh I never really let me self go there, scared, for sure!

Scared now, NO WAY..well still scared but determined. BECAUSE, I am an artist and I have so many things I want to share and learn! SO that has brought me to the point where I have SPENT way too much money on art paper, pens, paint etc lol. BUT I am sure the outcome will be worth it. I also think it will do enormous amounts for how I have been so stressed with my day to day pay the bills job, etc.

SO YES I have become obsessed with art journals. There are TONS Of videos on youtube, some awesome people sharing there ideas and such. Very cool. YOu know I have been working on RODs, which I should complete my first one this week. SADLY, I broke the machine I was using to sew all my paper. I DID NOT want to use my machines I sew with for quilting and etc, just did not want to do that. SO I had an old Singer Millennium series??? NO idea I got it like 11ish years ago. My best friend had been using when she sewed, like twice lol :P SO I got it back from her a few years ago ad just pulled it out and dusted it. It has done great with all the little sewing the papers and etc but when I went to sew the signatures together, it was just too much to handle, so it did one but crapped out on the second. SO I am pretty sure, one it was way dirty, had not been oiled in well 11 years lol so it is amazing it lasted for a short bit. SO I pulled it apart a bit in the hopes to salvage it, but nah it was not happening. I may run to the store where I bought my last machine and see what they say,but again I do not really like the machine anyway so maybe they will give me like 25 bucks for a trade in or something lol. LIKE I need another machine lol. But with some work the machine would still be usable so maybe a new sewer on a budget can use it. i hate for it to just sit around here. HOWEVER, I also do not want to spend over 100 bucks on a machine that will just be used for sewing papers??? SO not sure if I will just go to Wal MArt and get something under 100 bucks which will be fine, but also I want to make sure this machine goes out of my house so I still have to go to the machine store. AND well the can talk me into stuff easy eh lol :P
OK Long text post there so lemme find you some kind of picture for now. I have lots I have to take but I have to re-charge the batteries. OH BTW I am getting a new camera in the mail soon. I bought a nikon coolpix, so I can carry it around in my purse. The one I use now just is not that slim so. I am excited about that as well. :) I also bought an ipod...don't tell my husband lol :)

My brother drew this for a contest for the fire peoples, he drew 2 but here is just one. I do not remember if it was for new badge thingies or for something they were going to paint on their building :S bad memory lol

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