Saturday, May 22, 2010


Nightmares are disturbing dreams associated with anxiety, fear or terror. Nightmares are common. (really...)

Nightmares are parasomnias — undesirable experiences that occur during sleep. You've had a nightmare if:
Your dream wakes you up (yup)
You feel scared, anxious, angry, sad or disgusted as a result of your dream (yup)
You can think clearly upon awakening, and can recall details of your dream (yup)
Your dream occurs near the end of your sleep time (I woke up so I guess my sleep time ended huh??)
Your dream keeps you from falling back to sleep easily (indeed)

Occasional nightmares usually aren't a concern, but regularly disrupted sleep can be. It can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, which can lead to difficulties at school or work, or problems with everyday tasks such as driving. (sigh)

Now I have alway shad nightmares throughout my life. Yes stress I guess etc, whatever. However, in the last two months I have had them back to back and I wake up after each one, having many. Where I have been waking up about every hour, where I use to only wake up every 2 hours...yeh sad either way. So put that on top of how dizzy I have been, stressed, tired because of this new BP medicine....I mean all of it together. BLEH!

So yeh I sure hate to go to my DR with something else. I think I will give it a few more weeks and see if maybe I get back to a more normal routine of only a few nightmares and wake up every 2 hours. I am hoping since I am starting to feel a bit better that maybe I will return sort of to a normalness. Which by the way, is really far from normal at all. But that is that!


  1. Desi, you might not want to wait any longer before you contact your dr. I had similar thoughts about "seeing if my system would get used to the new bp med," but the side effect was really a hazard so I called. The nurse cut into my description of the problem and said to stop taking it immediately. She pointed out that the med was supposed to enhance my quality of life --not make it worse. Another dr appointment and a different prescription made a world of difference. Give it some thought.
    Best wishes.

  2. Lindah, Thanks. You are right. I will call her this am and see if nightmares are a side effect at least. I do feel better than I did when I first went to the ER at the beg of the month. But again, sigh, still trying to find new ways to deal with the amazing overload of stress at work on top of my actual workload. Things were so much easier when I was 20 and full of stupid energy lol