Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My new bag :D

Well I have still not been feeling well, I am still having dizzy episodes and just weirdness. I am pretty worried about it and no idea what to do, really. I have no idea what might really be causing it. It really makes it hard for me to do anythng for more than 30 minutes. ANYTHING. Like typing this right now lol :S But I am trying to just push through since I can not do much else about it! I have been having a fairly hard time sewing and focusing really on anything BUT I have got a few things done, more than I thought I would really.

First here is the bag I made from the pattern I won from Clover & Violet.

Here is my all time fav love love superman bag. Time is catching up to it. I do hope my bag can keep up...

Also I signed up for this online class from Mary Ann Moss, ROD Journals. I LOVE IT! :D I am so glad I did this. I have already finished my cover and am collecting things for my signatures (pages for the inside) :D I will keep you updated on this indeed. I plan on making a few for Christmas gifts for those that I know will love journaling as well, and having something with a serious touch added just for them.

Here is my inspiration piece for m first one, which will be for me. I have a good bit done already but will leave that for next time. :D

Be Blessed All!

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