Friday, May 7, 2010

not myself

Since my ER visit early Sunday morning I have not been myself at all! I have felt like diong nothing and have been very tired and dizzy and just well not me at all!

I open my sewing room door look at it and then close it right back :( sad but that is how it has been this past week. I do feel I have wasted lost days but that is just how it was.

i am hoping that when Monday gets here and my work week is done and I have 2 days off I will feel better and be more me. I can not promise much htough at this point lol

I am still having dizzy spells and a bit tired but I have been doing ok at work and the new BP medicine I am on is not making me feel super horrible at all like that last one had.

So that seems to be it. OH WAIT other than feeling fairly poopie and work being super crazy as always. My beautiful and amasing best friend sent me a dozen roses for mothers day and just to say she loved me! Made my day. I got them wehn I got up today to go into work. Total surprise and so sweet and awesome of her. I have only taken a pic of my phone so far and will try and take one which will be better in the am when I get home so I can share :DDDD

I am thankful to be so loved and have so much greatness all of which I need to be better at motivating myself so I can shareit will so many others.

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