Sunday, May 2, 2010

The evil ER

Ok I guess it is not exactly evil but still. Five hundred bucks later for a lame diagnosis well I have to call it something!

So I had a major dizzy spell and almost passed out in a patients room. SO thankfully there was at least one person who was helpful and then I had to get my dad to come pick me up and his driving scares me and it was during all this flood mess :S So then my husband took me to the ER, yay at 4 am!

Which btw it is sad, yes I know we have many sick patients and they are way sicker then me etc, however it is indeed sad when you work at a hospital and no one cares if you really feel that bad and do not really want to help you! EH all I am saying. It has beea hell of a week anyway, but I was acutally havig a quiut good night, we all were, so why did I then get all whacked out I have no idea.

So to say I felt super bad, I have not been to an ER in about 11 yeas. YEH crazy. I remember why now lol. So attacked my nurses lol like 4 at a time, a EKG, a bad job at drawing my blood, twice, and hooking me up to the stupid blood pressure monitor, ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME lol overkill. Then off to CT, which btw this is the first time I have ever had either an EKG or a CT Yeh fun. SO then does the Dr ever say anything about either the EKG or CT OF COURSE NOT! That would be so stupid and such a waste of his time. I have no idea why I still work in medical but anyway! Bleh SO yeh 500 bucks later, and a diagnosis of dizziness and giddiness here I am, feeling like shit and not GIDDY AT ALL!!! (sigh)

oh well


  1. one of the many reasons I love Australia's health system. Going to the hospital does not cost you anything even for minor surgery.

  2. Yeh it is extremely sad how the American health care system is, let me not get started! lol again why it sucks to not only live with it but work in it! You are indeed lucky!

  3. hugs hun. hope all is well with you.